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[Bloomington Gamers] Oscar Pool!

So this morning, I stumbled across Defective Yeti's Oscar Pool Generator, and I thought, "What the heck? Let's give it a whirl."

Thus, as part of a community-building exercise, everyone who is interested should visit the Bloomington Gamer Crew Oscar Pool Page. The rules are on the page, but I'll copy them here for clarity.

Here are the rules. Everyone who participates agrees to chip in some (small, undefined, discretionary) amount of money to the pool. The winner is determined by whomever picks the most winners from the "big six" categories (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress). If there's a tie, then said tie is broken by counting the total number of overall winners picked in all categories. If there's still a tie, then we split it evenly amongst those lucky dogs who guessed so well.

Funds go toward buying the ultimate winner(s) alcohol of their choice. If the winner(s) happen(s) to not drink, they go toward buying the ultimate winner(s) desserts. The person who picks the most overall winners gets a batch of brownies made by yours truly. If there are too many overall winners, I reserve the right to split batches.

Entries must be in my inbox by Sunday, March 5th, 2006 at 8:00 EST (when the telecast starts). Later entries will be discarded. If you send multiple entries, only the most recently sent entry will be counted.

Go to!

To clarify, this is entirely for fun, and it's entirely honor system. I'll put together a list of people who agreed to chip in, but they don't have to specify how much they're chipping in in advance, and you won't get much more than a verbal slap on the wrist if you fail to pay up. I do promise brownies to the overall winners, either way, so there's already something in the pot.

The pool will be distributed near or immediately after the game following the Oscars ceremony that the winner(s) play in with me. (If you're reading this and thinking of playing, then you probably play in a game with me.)

Edit: Make sure that you enter your name, as I only see your name on submissions, and no email address. Thanks!
Tags: gaming, indiana, movies

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